Over the years I’ve had the honor to play a number of Grandmasters and notable players.

Grandmaster Samuel Reshevsky in Las Vegas, Nevada

Former World Champion Boris Spassky in Reno, Nevada … I sacked a piece and chased his King across the board with checks.  Once he arrived on the Queenside, I was forced to resign.  He had a great smile!

Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov in Las Vegas, Nevada

#6 in the World, Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Grandmaster Bryan G. Smith, Boise Idaho, 2022 MexInsurance FIDE Open GM Simul at All About Games and again at the 2023 summer chess camp simul

Former Women’s World Champion Susan Polgar in Vancouver, Washington

World Blindfold Champion Grandmaster Timur Gareyev in a ten board Fischer Random match at Hailey, Idaho

Grandmaster Tal Shaked in Boise, Idaho

Five time Champion of Argentina, Grandmaster Diego Flores on lichess

Grandmaster Leandro Krysa of Argentina on lichess

International Master Cyrus Lakdawala, Balboa Park, San Diego, California.  Cy is a well known author who grew up down the hill from me … and has all the talent!

International Master Andrew Martin in Davenport, Iowa, during one of Bob Long’s chess festivals

Argentine FM Faustino Oro Youngest player (10 years old) to break the 2300 FIDE barrier (Fischer, Kasparov & Carlsen)

National Master Jesse Cohen in Fort Collins, Colorado, with four of his friends … I finally won a simul … of course Jesse and company were just learning the game.

Life Master Brian Wall, Fort Collins OTB tournament … where I was a Knight up … just before he ate my face, with style!  I do remember a tandem simul in Cheyenne, Wyoming, .. I drew that one. }:-)

Wyoming State Closed Champion as a teenager Andrew Smith .. part of the Fort Collins simul and former student.  Andrew drew Hikaru Nakamura in Victoria and has defeated all three Polgar sisters in internet simuls.  I am a game up on Andrew … by a pawn push.  I hope he’s forgotten all about me. {:-o

Jonathan Fortune, we’ve played everywhere … eight time Atlantic World Correspondence Champion .. and counting …

Barbie Fortune, everywhere as well.  I haven’t beaten her in 20+ years.  Barbie was a great student!

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