The Chandra Alexis Chess Club has been active in Boise, Idaho, since 2007.

The Chandra Alexis Chess Club makes every effort to avoid conflict with other affiliates in the state by contacting the United States Chess Federation’s Clearinghouse for Idaho and the Idaho Chess Association prior to submitting our tournaments.

Since May 29, 2021, we have offered these 62 U.S. Chess Federation rated tournaments

Since September 2018 our club has offered more than 80 U.S. Chess Federation rated tournaments and beginning January 1, 2022, we have rated over 20 International tournaments, and counting.

Each Monday, we offer U.S. Chess and FIDE rated games to active members of the United States Chess Federation. Entry is $10 to offset the FIDE rating fee, for the entire month of games played each Monday. All games are submitted after the third Monday of the month allowing the World Chess Federation time to rate the games on the first of each month. The Time Controls are G/90;+30.

Come play at All About Games, 7079 Overland, Boise, Idaho,

the Boise Chess Club meets Mondays beginning at 5 p.m. Next up:

No Vinny!  That’s a Mountain Lion!

September 28, 2023 through October 23, 2023

5 Round Swiss

Time Control:  G/90;+30

Players join the United States Chess Federation out of our need to find stronger competition and a desire to improve our game.  Were we happy to play the fellow next door for Mountain Dew and Firehouse Sub cheddar beef brisket sandwiches, we would have never joined the United States Chess Federation. 

We know how to give Boise players a world class chess experience without leaving home.

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