My name is Dave Schloss and I’m the author of numerous chess books from beginner to advanced (including some new workbooks for kids) that are being used nationwide. I’ve received endorsements from Bruce Pandolfini, GM Michael Rohde,, Georgia Chess Magazine and many other chess teachers, coaches and top ranked players. I also offer bulk discounts on orders over 10 copies.

My web site is:

If you use books with any of your classes, camps or teachings, I’d love to discuss some of my discount options with you. My best contact number is my land phone, 678-482-7654

Get Chess offers chess books for beginners to advanced players.

Chess 101 is used in schools and chess camps across the country and has been endorsed by top chess coach Bruce Pandolfini, U.S. Open Chess Champion, GM Michael and many more! Click here for more information about Chess 101.

Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids is a workbook containing 99 one-move chess tactics puzzles covering three different sets of tactics in depth for kids rated 1000 and below. It also has colorable chess images throughout the book. Endorsed by international master and three-time Georgia state chess champion, Carlos Perdomo. Click here for more information about Beginner Chess Tactics for Kids.

Parker’s Chess Adventure is a story book/workbook that details the journey of Parker the Pawn as he makes his way to the king’s castle to play chess. This workbook also contains 100 one-move chess puzzles covering ten different chess tactics categories for kids rated 1000 and below. It also has colorable chess images throughout the book. Endorsed by two-time Rhode Island state chess champion and chess coach, Jim Della Selva. Click here for more information about Parker’s Chess Adventure.

Beginner Puzzles contains 50 mate in one chess puzzles that start out fairly easy to build confidence, then gradually increase in difficulty as the reader works through the book. Endorsed by National Chess Master, Zachary Bekkedahl. Click here for more information about Beginner Puzzles.

Intermediate Puzzles contains 50 mate in two chess puzzles covering a range of complex positions for the intermediate-level player. Click here for more information about Intermediate Puzzles.

Advanced Puzzles contains 50 chess puzzles for the more experienced player. There are a dozen of each of the following puzzles: mate in three, mate in four and mate in five, and an additional 14 puzzles where the reader is asked to find the best move to win material and create winning positions. Endorsed by Dr. Alex Davidovic, International Master and chess trainer. Click here to find out more about Advanced Puzzles.

Intermediate Chess Tactics is a workbook containing 300 chess tactics puzzles (no checkmates) for the intermediate-level player. This book contains 6 chapters. Each chapter contains 50 chess puzzles with each of the first five chapters dedicated to a specific tactic. The last chapter is a 50 puzzle final exam where you are not told which tactic applies. Click here to find out more about Intermediate Chess Tactics Puzzles.

USCF Rules Flash Cards are flash cards with 20 unique designs and 40 question and answer sets that cover many of the most common U.S. Chess Federation tournament rules. Endorsed by chess coach and Massachusetts state chess champion, Lawyer Times. Click here to find out more about USCF Rules Flash Cards.

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