Yasser Seirawan’s Memorable Quotes

Yasser Seirawan Quotes

“Boy, that was a bear trap! You got both limbs, I can’t escape.”

“It was a good grub.” (pawn-wise)

“Protect your children – don’t show them the games of MVL.”

“Some games are more drawn than others.”

“I gotta stay with the horse I brought to the party.”

Quotes listed on Day five of the 2018 Paris Grand Chess Tour. 2:39.50 of the Saint Louis Chess Club live broadcast

Learn to love the training, and all goals are possible.  Round 8 2018 Sinquefield Cup, Saint Louis Chess Club live broadcast


Other Chess Related Quotes

General Burkhalter:  “Which would you prefer Klink, an engagement with a beautiful fraulein or a chess game with a general who can transfer you to the Russian front?    Colonel Klink:  “White for you, sir?”  Hogan’s Heroes, Season Five Episode 22:  ‘Six Lessons from Madame LaGrange’

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