Photography and TelevisionShould your media outlet wish to cover the MexInsurance FIDE Open, please contact the Organizer at Attn: George

Photographers are allowed to take photos during the first 10 minutes in the games with standard time control; first 3 minutes in blitz and rapid tournaments. Flash may be used only during the first five (5) minutes in games with standard time control.

In tie-break games (with 25 and 10 minutes time controls), photos are allowed (including photos with flash) in the first three (3) minutes. In case of tie-break blitz games and sudden death games, flash is not permitted and the photographer can take photos in the first 2 minutes; the use of cameras over the time limits without flash may be permitted for an official photographer of the event.

Only authorised photographers may take photographs in the playing venue. Use of flash in the playing area is restricted to the first ten minutes of the first round and the first five minutes of each subsequent round, unless the CA decides otherwise. The Competition Rules may include other rules due to the peculiarities of the event. The authorised photographers may take photographs without flash during the rest of the round in the playing area, only with the permission of the CA.

An official photographer (maximum two persons), designated by the Organizer and FIDE shall be allowed to take photos at any time during the round without flash. FIDE reserves the right to use these photos on its website or printed materials.

Only photographers and camera crew expressly authorized by both the organizer and the FIDE Press Officer may work in the playing venue.

Television cameras that are noiseless and unobtrusive are permitted in the playing venue and contiguous areas with the approval of the CO and CA. The CA shall ensure the players are not disturbed or distracted in any way by the presence of TV, video cameras or other equipment.

FIDE and the Organiser appoints the event official photographer/s at the various events, including matches, press conferences, opening, closing ceremonies, official functions etc. At the end of the tournament, all the photos shall be transferred to the FIDE Office or, as may be established from time to time, for archiving.

FIDE may grant access to a number of photos from FIDE Championships for media on official websites of the championships or through official photographer. These images are downloadable directly from the website photo gallery. All photographs have to be credit “” along with the name of the photographer.

All the videos at the end of the event shall be transferred to the FIDE Office.

World Chess Olympiad: accredited photographers and FIDE journalists` cards holders are allowed to take photos for the first 30 minutes but no more than the first 10 minutes on the stage or the area with top boards.

World Youth and other FIDE events with more than 100 participants: accredited photographers and FIDE journalists` cards holders can be allowed to take photos for the first 30 minutes if the Chief Arbiter in charge deems their use to be unobtrusive.

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