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Invitation World Chess
Invitation to the Official FIDE Online Gaming (Beta) Hello, this is Ilya Merenzon from World Chess.

We know you like chess because you watched the World Chess Championship Match, and we’d like to invite you to be the first to test-drive the new official World Chess playing arena, where you will be able to play and in the future get official FIDE online rating and titles. (It’s now in Beta). So, can I become a World Champion by playing online? Eventually, yes! And certainly you will be able to earn the official online Grandmaster title. The service is now in Beta, and you can play blitz games just for the fun of it. If you register (for free), you will automatically have a World Chess rating. Is it for free forever or do I have to pay money again? Playing chess casually or for the World Chess rating is always free, but if you would like to have the FIDE ID and official FIDE online rating, it’s going to be just €25 per year (or about €2 per month), and will give you the official FIDE rating and FIDE ID and access to official tournaments and much more! We’ll let you know when this option becomes available. You will be able to earn the official rating with each game and qualify for the official FIDE titles (such as International Master or Grandmaster). The platform will also feature the most sophisticated fair play technology. You will be able to upgrade and start earning official rating any time.

I am playing on another platform and very happy with it. Why
should I play on World Chess?
We will offer API (an opportunity to connect with the official rating) to all major chess sites in
the fall. Hopefully, your preferred site will join! But to ensure the integrity of the official
rating, we’ll have to work closely with the sites to track PGNs for anti-cheating and rating
calculation checks. You will need to have the official World Chess account and see if your
favorite website has opted in for the official rating API. We’ll keep you updated on this.
So what is the next step?
Right now, the service is in Beta. It means that we hope to get feedback and data from you
before the service goes live next month. Simply using the platform will help us enormously!
The gaming interface is new and might take a while to get used to, but it’s designed to be light
and work well on computers and smartphones. It will have improvements or changes almost
every day.
We’d love to hear from you. Please write to [email protected] with any suggestions
or comments.
Ilya Merenzon, World Chess Ceo

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