How Corporate Sponsorship Works

Please submit your proposal In Care of The Board, 9533 Caraway Drive, Boise, Idaho 83704.

Let us know what your goals are and how you would like to support the Chandra Alexis Chess Club through your sponsorship. 100% of all sponsorship goes directly to the players in unconditionally guaranteed prize money.

Neither the club, the Board, it’s Officers nor the tournament directors or International Arbiters get a penny of your sponsorship.

All proposals must be sent to us by registered first overnight delivery. The proposal must by signed by the authorized approving corporate or company officers, and accompanied by earnest money in the form of a cashiers check or bank draft. The amount of the earnest money is $2,500.00 or 50% of the total of your proposal, which ever is higher. We are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to submission of the written proposal.

Once received, the Board will evaluate your proposal and either ask for further clarifica-tion, or vote to accept your sponsorship. Should the Board decline your proposal, the earnest money will be returned by registered first overnight delivery with an explanation of why your proposal could not be accepted.

Once the Board accepts your proposal, only then will funds be deposited under the specific sponsor-named tournament account at our bank.

No sponsorship funds will be removed from the specific sponsor-named tournament bank account until the prize fund is paid out at the end of the tournament.

You will be notified by registered first overnight delivery that your proposal has been accepted. You will then have 72 hours from date of receipt of our acceptance, to forward the remaining funds.

When all funds are deposited, we will begin formal advertising of the tournament. No sponsorship funds will be used for advertising.

Failure to meet the deadline will result in forfeiture of funds on deposit. If you are not committed to sponsorship, do not submit your proposal.

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