All Chandra Alexis Chess Club tournaments qualify for the US Chess Junior Grand Prix! We run tournaments one weekend each month at the Boise State Student Union and our game per week monthly tournament at the Meridian Library on Cherry Lane. Here is your opportunity to pickup nine qualifying tournament games per month! You can find additional qualifying JGP events in Chess Life and Kid’s Life under Idaho tournaments.

Current Idaho JGP Leaders as of May 14, 2019

State = ID (Top 10)
IDNameJGP PointsEvents
16631707LEIFESTE, BRYCE16301
15399020CRAFTS, OREN C10501
16623630SU, DARREN8161
15888824ZENG, FORREST4991
15330365WEI, JAMES3341
15220601BELEW, FINN3101

US Chess Junior Grand Prix Rules

Last Updated in January 2016

The purpose of the US Chess Junior Grand Prix is to encourage young players to face higher-rated competition in ‘slow’ chess events. We believe that playing stronger players in events with longer time controls is the best way to improve one’s chess, the Junior Grand Prix encourages and rewards that.

Player Eligibility:

Every US Chess member who is under 21 throughout the calendar year (eg, for the 2016 Junior Grand Prix was born after 12/31/1995) is automatically eligible for the Junior Grand Prix (JGP).

Event Eligiblity:

  A Junior Grand Prix event must have a Tournament Life Announcement (TLA) in Chess Life and be a regular rated only section of that event. Blitz, Quick-Rated only or Dual rated sections may not earn JGP points. A Junior Grand Prix event must have four or more rounds with the total time* slower than 65 minutes per player to be eligible.
For details on how the time control affects which rating systems a section is eligible for, see the document ‘Rulebook Changes since the Publication of the 5th Edition’ at A Junior Grand Prix eligible section does not have to be the top or open section of that event, players can earn JGP points in ‘under’ sections, providing the section is regular-rated only. The event must end in the calendar year, eg, 2016. For example, an event that begins in December of 2012 and ends in January of 2016 is a 2016 JGP event, but an event that begins in December of 2016 and ends in January of 2017 is a 2017 JGP event.

How to earn Points:

Eligible US Chess members earn points by winning or drawing against higher rated players, based on the pre-event ratings for both players. (If a player does not have a US Chess rating yet, or has a provisional rating based on less than 4 games, that player’s post-event rating from that event is used to compute JGP points.)

For a win against a higher rated player, the number of JGP points earned is 2X the ratings difference, up to a maximum of 700 points per game.

Example: A 1200 player who defeats a 1350 player earns 2X the difference in ratings (150) or 300 points.

For a draw, the number of JGP points earned is the ratings difference, up to a maximum of 350 points per game.

Example: A 1200 player who draws a 1350 player earns the difference in ratings, or 150 points.

The US Chess Executive Director has the authority to review events for compliance with these rules.

* The TOTAL TIME is defined as the number derived by adding the total amount of time per player [in minutes] with the amount of delay or increment [in seconds]. For example, G/61;d5 gives 61 + 5 = 66 and would be eligible. G/60;d3 gives 60 + 3 = 63 and would not be eligible.

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