All Chandra Alexis Chess Club tournaments in 2022 are registered with the Tour! The Tour rewards players who may not win an event, but rather those who compete on a regular basis.

Overall Leaders as of May 1, 2022: Luca Tessiore 35.0, Ted Wang 34.5, Viktors Pupols 31.5, Ryan Min and Michelle Zhang with 31.0, #6 overall and first in Idaho: George Lundy 30.5. Top Expert Michael Cambareri with 18.0, Class A Caleb Kircher 19.5, Top Bs Griffin Herr and Niall McKenzie with 16.5, Class D and below Anthony Minichiello 16.5.

We are offering weekly USCF and FIDE tournaments at the club in 2022. Drop by and earn your fair share of FIDE, U.S. Chess Federation and Northwest Chess Grand Prix rating points available each week!

The FIDE Open will take place in Boise, December 16-18, 2022. The Elite prize fund is $10,000, and unconditionally guaranteed. The Reserve is U2200 and is $5,725, based on 100 paid entries. Three class prizes beginning with U2200 down through U600. Unrated players must play in the Elite section and will be assigned a rating of 2199.

We have commitments from a few out-of-staters to participate in this summer’s tournaments which include noted players from Spain, India, Chicago, Virginia, PA, AZ, NV, TX … oh yes, and that nice fellow from California. GMs, IMs, FMs, NMs? All of these are pending an appearance date, with one or two GMs possible, depending on their schedule. I’ll keep you posted once we start receiving arrival dates. There is also a Swedish FM who asked about running a workshop here this summer.

We are small, seating only 12, but are working to build Idaho chess so I ask the 100 plus members of the United Stated Chess Federation within 60 miles of Boise, are you coming? You are invited to register early and register often.

When the club has six players registered seven days in advance of round one, the event will be registered with and rated by, the World Chess Federation. Tell me FIDE players, and be honest now, where in the United States can you compete in a FIDE rated event for only $37.50? <insert crickets chirping in the moonlight here> The prize fund is $300 based on 10 players registering. $30 of these 10 entries goes back into the prize fund.

Don’t forget, FIDE titled players GM –> WCM, play for free! The organizer will make up the prize fund for titled players, personally. We run our tournaments for the players, not the pocketbook … much to my darling wife’s disappointment.

Your humble Godfather in Chess

Don ‘g’eorgio de Boise

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