Super Chess Clinic with IM Andrew Martin!

The Super Chess Clinic is May 25-26, at the Quality Inn hotel, Davenport, Iowa. Call Barry at 563-386-8336 for the Special price of $77.99.

IM Martin will provide us with three vivid lectures on The pawn endgames, entertaining world championship games, and a BIGGIE, “Attacking the King.”

Note: There is only room for a small crowd of 21. Tickets are $199 if you get payment to us by Feb 15, otherwise it goes to $250.

I attended an earlier chess clinic with Bob Long and IM Martin. His picture can be seen in our photo gallery with Jon and Barbie Fortune. Yep, I’m the photographer too. You’ll enjoy the experience, great sale prices at the clinic, Lectures and games with IM Martin!

You can contact Bob Long at:

This is an excellent event and well worth your time.

“Chess people who go to events are basically looking for TWO things:

1. How to get better with the least amount of PAIN and

2. How to be entertained so that it doesn’t sound like a College lecture.

These two things are done best by DEMONSTRATION!”

Sincerely, Bob

Fun facts about IM Andrew Martin:

IM Andrew Martin is a humble guy, that’s probably why so many like him!

Don’t misunderstand me–he’s not weak, addlebrained, or willing to let you get away with something uncool. He’s reserved.

One time we were putting on a show here in Davenport and I wanted to jump start the event by dressing him up like Carnac (from the Johnny Carson show). He wasn’t too keen on doing this but I managed to pursuade him to go to a costume warehouse with me, in the evening (!) and we rented this big headress top, to be worn like Johnny does and the next day he did finally don this get up amd came out like an all seeing, all knowing chess expert (or whatever). I even have a picture of him in one of my Chess Gazettes. The crowd loved it!

And now we find this guy plays cricket with a vengeance. Those guys with white clothes (flannels) and a jargon all their own (look up cricket clothes on the internet!) Cricket is worldwide famous, millions are fans. The cricket “balls” are reddish and like an American baseball (cork, leather, etc.). The bats are something else too, various widths and made of wood. Here’s the “nuts” part, people have been killed by being hit by a cricket ball! These players are serious.

We’ll have pictures that Andrew provided to me in the book we are making: CHESS IS NOT CRICKET! Andrew has provided me with recent games which are not in the databases!! This book will be for collectors who register for this Super Chess Clinic. While you are here, have Andrew autograph your copy. I think we will be selling it for $25.00. Mark your calendars now.

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