Last updated: May 16, 2019.

Invite your favorite GM to the 2020 Denver Open now.

The 2019 Denver Open, best since the club started in 1870, was such a big hit the Denver Chess Club is committed to making it FIDE again next year.

What will probably happen is the DCC will commit to free entry and free hotel room for 2 nights to the first 10 titled players to attend.

One mistake we will correct is access to the titled players. We will use a bigger room for the Championship section so spectators can spectate. Maybe allow picture taking for 10 minutes.

Another mistake we will correct is we should use USCF ratings next year if possible.

Also we will probably have merchandise available this time like T-shirts and Chess sets and clocks and books, especially if any Chess authors attend.

The CSCA wants to hold the 2020 girl’s tournament separate so they may not participate.

We will probably have a blitz tournament Thursday instead of a simul Friday unless we get a superstar. Then everyone can play the early bird GMs personally.

Many people have a favorite GM, my favorite titled player is IM John Watson, Alayne’s favorite is GM John Bartholomew, Dean Clow’s favorite is Jerry the Youtuber.

The point is the 10 spots go really fast and all the GM requests that come after that are iffy.

People ran out of money about 2 months before the 2019 Denver Open but I was able to sponsor everyone who asked to participate late.

What I am saying is this:
If you have a personal favorite and you want to contribute maybe a plane ticket or spending money, you should ask early because the DCC sponsored spots will be gone way before the 2010 Denver Open actually hits.

That means that GM #11 is going to be demanding free entry, plane ticket, free hotel, spending money and no one will want to accommodate him.

In other words in 2019 all titled players who asked to play, played. That won’t be the case in 2020. The free spots will probably run out 6 months before the event.

Another policy change I would like to see changed is prohibitive entry fees for lower rated players in the Championship section. Some rich people don’t care, they just want to face a GM.

Possible structure for Championship section:

Titled players free
2200-2400 $100
1800-2199 $150
Under 1800 $200 at least if you want to annoy a GM you can pay a hefty fee to do so.

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